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On this Mother's Day, we remember those we have lost.

This post is dedicated to all mothers of children (under 18) who have passed away.

The first thing I want to do is reassure you that your little one is safe, happy and at peace on the other side. ALL children go to Heaven. That also includes miscarried children and those who were born sleeping. This is something that the angels have shown me.

Your child wishes to thank you for the beautiful life that you gave them. From their perspective, your child lived a whole, complete, and full life experience. They are no longer in any pain. Your child is with you always and may even be one of your spirit guides! You are never alone.

From the greater soul perspective, this was part of your child's soul contract. Your child chose the timing and manner of their passing before they came to Earth. Guilt doesn't undo your child's passing and it doesn't make you feel better, either. There was truly nothing you could have done to prevent this from occurring.

You are not responsible for your child's passing. Please let go of any guilt.

As an added comfort to you, departed children sometimes choose to reincarnate as a different child of yours. How special!

Please continue to write letters and speak to your departed child. They can hear you!

And on this Mother's Day, find something small today that will bring you joy. The best way to celebrate your child is through experiencing the wonder of life.

As a final note, remember this: you are ALWAYS a mother.

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Thank you Trixie 😊 This is Absolutely Beautiful 😍

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