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TST Spirituality Blog - 5.5.23

As humans, we crave certainty. No matter how bad it is, at least we KNOW. And when we know about something, we can DO something about it. We have some control, some agency in our futures.

So what do we do when things are completely uncertain?

It's one of those icky gray areas of the human endeavor. Trying to navigate a foe which we are unaware of. How DO we defend ourselves when we don't know the enemy's numbers, strength, size, loyalty and affiliation?

The answer is: we don't.

We build a new army. The army of the angels. The army of our spirit guides. The army of our ancestors. The ones who have come before us. The ones who walk alongside us. The ones who are prepared to be our cheerleaders through the darkest moments of our lives.

So when you are facing an uncertain situation, and when everything hangs in the balance, remember....

Don't wave the white flag. Call in your allies for backup.

They are like the wind. Invisible, but there.

Whatever you do, don't lose hope. You're just about to get to the good part.


Trixie Shi Tarot

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Thank you I need all the help I can get atm ... so many decisions to make .. xxx

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